Bringing financial confidence to your life with the purpose of preserving & protecting your values.

Our programs aim to inspire people to be remembered for their values, not their money. We want to inform the communities we serve with solutions for their lives and provide purpose through education-driven life-changing events.

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Active 4 Life is a program meant to provide empowerment, encouragement, and support to all those who wish to join. Join us at an event for opportunities to be social and make new acquaintances in an environment where you will feel safe and welcome and explore new opportunities. Click here to learn more.

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Todd was recently featured in an article in the California Business Journal. Learn about Todd's history, what inspired him to work in the financial advisory business, and what drives him as a person and professional. Click here to read the article. 

California Business Journal 

As a war veteran and former firefighter — I spent my youth running into burning buildings while everyone else was running out. As it turns out this was an invaluable perspective.

Both of my grandfathers passed away within a short period of time. I was stunned to find out that the systems in place meant to protect them did nothing of the sort. I spent the next two years trying to help my grandmothers get their lives back on track. What I learned during this trying time for my family would eventually bring me into the business of protecting families, their way of life, and their legacies. My goal was to make sure what happened to my family wouldn’t happen to others. Today, I’m passionate about helping my community and my clients safeguard their income, their life savings, and their families’ future -- all while supporting the causes they hold dear.

Together we document your life stories so that you’re remembered  for more than your money.  You should be remembered for who you are, how you live, your values, and the purpose of the assets you’re leaving behind.

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Who Our Programs Serve

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Retirees & Business Owners



Divorcing with Financial Confidence 

Widows & Widowers 

Retirees & business owners who want to leave more to their family and disinherit the IRS.

Investors with large qualified plans who want to invest in real estate to help protect their wealth and minimize taxes. 

Pre-retirees who want to Protect and Plan their wealth for their lifetime & legacy. 

Major life changes are difficult. We help you navigate the complexities.

We serve widows and widowers who want to leave a legacy that's more than a number in a bank account.

“Todd gets a 10+ on sincerity.  I have been in the real estate industry for 46 years and he is the best speaker I have ever seen.  He is for real in his service to others.”  

Marilyn S., 46 Year Real Estate Professional Specializing in Servicing Widows

"With all the options available out there, I needed an event that would deliver straight answers and guidance.  Todd’s events do just that and served as a guide out of the information black hole. Now it all makes sense! ”

Rick M., 18 Year Branch Manager Mortgage Company

"During my divorce, my head was spinning. Todd's event cleared the fog. I found myself laughing and finding peace during a very trying time. This should be required education for everyone facing a huge life-changing event. Thank you!"

Marie-Paule S., 20 Year Business Owner 

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